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BROMO IJEN TOURBromo Ijen Tour | Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater are of the top travel destinations in East Java Indonesia, is an active volcano situated in a surreal but spectacular massive caldera. Mount Bromo has beautiful views and and it over you best Milky Way spot (bromo stargazing) and Kawah Ijen Volcano has rare BLUE LAVA with the biggest crater lake in Indonesia. both of Mount Bromo And Ijen Crater are the top Volcano Tour must be visit for you beautiful holiday

Mount Bromo Sunrise

Before you do Bromo Volcano tour by passing the seasand of mount bromo, the first adventure is visiting view poin for sunrise. Normally must wake up at 3.30 am the start to go to Mount Pananjakan. Mount Penanjakan Bromo is a spot to see sunrise, you can get there by 4wd or motor bike. Mount Bromo Sunrise Tour from penanjakan poin is the popular spot in Mount Bromo areas. you can reach Mount Penanjakan Poin 45 Minutes from Cemoro Lawang village by 4WD. Avoid to visit this poin in the weekend or holiday because there will be hundreds visitor local and foreign so you will not be able to see sunrise but you will only see thousand of visitors.

We reccommend you to visit Bukit Gorila or Kingkong Hill Poin. The location before penanjakan, not as populer as Mount Penajakan. Kingkong Hill give you best place to see sunrise this place is not to crowded. from this place there is small path to the photography spot, not many people know photography spot, only local people or local guide or the peaple who ever explore this place, then they will lead their guest to visit this place. It is special place/spot and reccommended for Milky Way Tour and sunrise Tour.

Ijen Crater Blue Fire

Bromo Ijen Tour From YogyakartaIjen crater have the sunrise and green views. Not only that, Ijen also have a blue flame phenomenon that there are only 2 in the world. Blue flame there are only two in the world, one in Iceland. to see the blue flame, tourists should come in the morning precisely at dawn or travelers can depart from the hotel to the starting point at approximately 1 am. travelers will climb 3 km is not it and they will come down to the crater, the road to the bottom of the crater are very steep and hard about about 250 meters. Only then, the blue flame pins. This amazing natural phenomenon. Blue flame at Kawah Ijen is unique and rare.

Bromo Ijen Tour Packages

There are many way to get to Mount Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater. Here are our Bromo Ijen Tour Package as: with special arranged tour package such as Yogyakarta Bromo Ijen Tour transfer to Bali or transfer back to Surabaya. Surabaya Bromo Ijen Tour transfer to Bali or transfer back to Surabaya also Bali Ijen Crater Bali Tour, Bali Ijen Bromo Surabaya Tour or transfer back to Bali.

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